1 Bewertung. Chrissi (GR: Χρυσή meaning 'Golden', transliterated also Chrisi and Hrissi) or Gaidouronisi (GR: Γαϊδουρονήσι meanining 'donkey island') lies 8 nautical miles (~15kms) south of Ierapetra.The residents of Ierapetra simply call it "the island", as there is a special relationship between them, lost in the depths of time. Island”. Depart Heraklion for the uninhabited island of Chrissi, setting sail from Ierapetra on the southern coast of Crete. You may purchase your tickets in Ierapetra, from the following locations: 1. The island is now protected as an “Area of Intense Natural Beauty” as from the bar. Schnellansicht. Litujeme, ale pro Vámi vybraná data nejsou k dispozici žádné zájezdy ani aktivity rezervovatelné online. There is an easy flat 300m walk from the pier to the beach, across the island. Departure from Heraklion. the busy modern resorts. Pick up from your Hotel-Book Now . it looks like the last paradise on Earth. 51,59 $ pro Erwachsenem. Address: 46, Mich. Kothri Street & 91, Markopoulou Street (next to "EL GRECO" Hotel), Ierapetra, Crete, Greece Tel./Fax: (+30) 28420 20008 / 89988, (+30) 28220 22888 Some complaints from others that there aren't enough facilities - those people are stupid. Location: Ierapetra The island of Chrissi (or Gaidouronisi) in Lassithi Crete: The uninhabited islet of Chrissi (which means golden island in Greek) lies in the Libyan Sea, at a distance of 8 nautical miles from Ierapetra town. The ticket to Chrissi costs about 25 euros and is a return ticket. azure waters of the Libyan Sea takes us to the Island of Chrissi 8 miles It is nearly flat and its highest point is only 30 meters high. Our ships in Chrissi and Koufonisi are also ideal for special social events, such as weddings, christenings, etc. Relaxation, serenity, and a sense of tropical adventure! This exceptional outing begins with a drive to the picturesque town of Ierapetra on the south coast. Royalty Chrissi Island Tour. Schnellansicht. , without a reservation, on the day of your trip (depending on availability), by paying in cash or with a credit card. During the journey you can sometimes observe the Hervorragend: 9+ Sehr gut: 8+ Gut: 7+ Ansprechend: 6+ Unsere Top-Tipps Niedrigster Preis zuerst Sternebewertung und Preis Am besten bewertet. They were imprinted on the volcanic rocks 350,000-70,000 years ago, when Chrissi was still underwater. 17.30. Before disembarking in Chrissi, you may want to purchase lunch packet, bottled water, soft drinks, snacks, coffee, sandwiches, beach items, etc. Chrissi or Χρυσή means 'golden' and refers to the stunning sand on the beaches of this islet. Ierapetra, Kréta Řecko. It has a unique cedar forest, pure white sand dunes, golden shallow sand beaches and a sea with unbelievable tropical colors. De busrit was comfortabel, de ferry redelijk druk bevolkt. Filtern nach: Sterne. The 49 species of fossils (corals, shells, barnacles, urchins) found on the island come from the sea. Es ist ein wunderschöner, sonniger Tag. Tour di una Giornata nell'Isola di Chrissi. Chrissy est une très jolie île que l'on rejoint en bateau en 1h environ Il y a deux parties une qui est paradisiaque et l'autre ou l'on accoste un peu moins jolie 5 minutes environ les séparent Il faut avoir des chaussures pour aller dans l'eau et des lunettes ou un masque pour voir … (for information please call at +30 28420 20008 in Ierapetra). Ierapetra To Chrissi Island Ferry. The rocky island has many beaches visited from spring to autumn by water craft and tour boats. It’s important not to miss the return ferry, since the island offers no accommodation … At the point of disembarkation there is a path that goes through the cedar forest and ends up in an exotic beach with thousands of shells, name Belegrina or Chrissi Ammos. The shores of Chrissi surrounded by the Mediterranean's Libyan sea. The island of Chrissi (or Gaidouronisi) is situated approximately 9 nautical miles south of Ierapetra and it is aWildlife Refuge. We kindly ask you to be in the ship at least 10 minutes before the departure. The colors of the rocks, which are mainly grey-green, reddish-brown, black, etc., are spectacular, while almost the entire island is covered by golden sand. Zu Chrissi Island wurde ja schon viel geschrieben, es ist wirklich eine sehr schöne Insel, top zum Baden und Schnorcheln, als Karibisch würde ich es aber nicht bezeichnen. Reviewed 31 August 2016 . 61,06 $ pro Erwachsenem. •           Passengers between the age of 3 and 12 pay 11€. The island is located 9 nautical miles south of Ierapetra, about 1 hour via ferry. The scenic chapel of Agios Nikolaos and the island’s lighthouse are located right there. The preservation of the island’s natural environment, beyond the moral dimensions, is imposed through a strict national and European institutional protection system. Nejlepší nedaleké. There is free parking for your car outside the fishing port area, next to the boat. a Robinson for one day on the desert island of “Chrissi” or “Golden We have been here several times when the ferry fares were much cheaper. Be there on time and come away for a fantastic boat trip to Chrissi Island with us! Es ist auch Zufluchtsstätte für Wildes Leben. Before disembarking in Chrissi, please obtain information regarding the exact time of departure of the ship. Chrissi island – tour excursion in Crete. Look for yellow-legged gulls and dolphins as you cross the water. Anteprima. sg. The nearby beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation under the umbrellas. 12 Bewertungen. It is a long beach on the north-east side of Chrissi Island, facing mainland Crete. The view and water was worth every euro we paid! Please obtain information from our ticket offices (Tel: +. Niet met onze tour operator maar gewoon bij een lokale handelaar. 25, Kyrva Street (next to “La Strada” pizza restaurant), 2. YOU HAVE TO WEAR MASK ON THE BOAT TO CHRISSI ISLAND AND DURING THE RETURN TRIP. You will have about 3.5 hours to spend on the island. We organize boat trips to Chrissi island and Koufonisi island from Ierapetra Venetian harbour on a daily basis from May to October from Ierapetra Venetian port. Several times a day larger boats depart from Ierapetra in southern Crete to the island. The boat docks at the small pier on the south-east side of the island. The path through the forest and the dunes is simply magical. The cedar forest extends to the center of Chrissi, covering an area of 350,000 square meters, which is about 1/4th of the island, with an average of 14 trees per 1,000 square meters, and average age of trees 200-300 years. Die Insel Chrissi (Gaidouronisi) ist etwa 9 Seemeilen südlich von Ierapetra entfernt. … In fact, the beach is divided into two by a thin strip of rocky land, while the vegetation in juniper is clearly more limited than the other beaches of the eastern part of the island. vegetation similar to tropical, with a beautiful “Lebanon” cedar tree Especially on the east side of the northern beach, the amount of shells is so big that the view is overwhelming. During the journey you can sometimes observe the dolphins in their natural habitat, seemingly showing off as they swim and leap into the air, just a few meters away from the boat. Island is the most southern as well as the hottest point in Europe with Mikronissi is a great refuge for marine avifauna. The trip from the port of Ierapetra to the exotic Chrissi lasts about an hour. 52,35 USD per adulto. Zu beiden Seiten wachsen uralte, bizarr geformte Libanon-Zedern. The base rocks of Chrissi were created through the solidification of lava that poured out of an undersea volcano millions of years ago. Ulteriori informazioni. 16:40 Swim stop at the North-East coast of Chrissi. ** Book a boat trip to Chrissi – Click here ** What to do on Chrissi Island, Greece. The main departure point for Chrissi Island is from the South Eastern town of Ierapetra with a variety of boats departing daily between 10.00-12.00 during the tourist season at a cost of €20.00-€25.0 each. You can also find a ticket office at the port of Makris Gialos. Had a great trip to Chrissi Island on the Nautilos. )die Goldene, auch Chrisi oder Chrissis) ist eine unbewohnte griechische Insel im Libyschen Meer. Now, it is your time to explore this wonderful remote island. From all cooperating with our joint venture travel agencies. Bought tickets to ferry in on of streets of Ierapetra, 40 euros for 2 people. Chrissi Island da Heraklion. Santorini Cruise. Wij boekten de trip naar Chrissi vanuit Chersonissos. At the point of disembarkation there is a path that goes through the cedar forest and ends up in an exotic beach with thousands of shells, name. Chrissi is great, plenty of beach and terrain to explore. perfect day for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and relaxation away from Anteprima. At the eastern end of the island of Chrissi lies the beautiful beach of Kataprosopo (=face to face), which faces the island of Mikronissi. Č. Anteprima. 2 466 recenzí . 6 recensioni. 1 recensione. There is a free parking area at the port of Ierapetra. Die Fahrtzeit dauert, je nach Geschwindigkeit der Boote, zwischen 30 … shell beaches with their white sand and crystal turquoise shallow water. An unforgettable cruise to Chrissi island, one of the southern points in Europe, also known as Donkey Island or Golden Island. Ulteriori informazioni. Empfohlene Hotels in der Nähe von Chrissi Island. The price ranges from 20 to 45€ per person, for an all day cruise. Except from their large roots, they also develop a network of thinner ones that form a thick mesh that withholds the sand. Der weniger nett klingende Name des kleinen Eilands, Γαϊδαρονίσι (Gaidaronísi Eselsinsel) ist unter Einheimischen verbreiteter, und als solche ist die Insel auch auf einigen Karten vermerkt. Nach Chrissi fahren unsere Schiffe vom Hafen von Ierapetra aus. The interior of the island is covered by a beautiful forest of … This small, uninhabited, low-lying island is 7 km by 2 km and only 30 metres, at its highest point. Chrissi Island Cruise von Heraklion. Bis zum frühen Nachmittag hat man Zeit auf Chrissi Island, die an dem Tag wunderbar leer war. YOU WILL ALWAYS COME BACK WITH THE SAME BOAT 4. Βοοk Now; Number of Adults: Number of Children (up to 12 Years): Next Step. The Municipality of Ierapetra collects 1 euro from every ticket (paid in cash), as an administrative fee for passengers over 4 years old visiting the island of Chrissi. The ferry left around 11 a.m. and we it took us about 1 hour to reach Chrissi. 11 Bewertungen. With soft music playing in the background, we will be sailing in the emerald waters of the Libyan Sea, accompanied by seagulls and dolphins. Weitere Infos. Chrissi Island (Boat trip and swimming) Become a Robinson for one day on the desert island of “Chrissi” or “Golden Island”. The whole island is a nature reserve of breathtaking beauty.

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