Oui, 10 jours de road trip au Yucatan, l’une des plus belles régions du Mexique. They serve freshly made and healthy smoothies and juices that are super tasty. With lots of speed bumps (more on that below) and very few street lights, the Yucatan peninsula is not an ideal place to drive at night. It will make your life much simpler if there’s parking onsite at each place you stay in Mexico, and hotels with parking are very easy to find–we’d consider it a, Safety is a very complicated subject, of course (I discussed a bit more about. I’m so excited to try out this itinerary; I’ll definitely report back and let you know how my trip goes. The Mayan culture is very prominent in the language spoken and traditional clothing worn by the locals. #8 Best Value of 335 Budget Hotels in Yucatan Peninsula “ It was cheap Our room was convenient, near the pool and the beach The beach is beautiful, seaweed free, blue and clear, soft white sand. It’s a fairly fast-paced itinerary in the sense that it packs a lot in and involves climbing many pyramids, but to drive this route straight through without traffic would actually only take around 12 hours–you’ll drive a bit more than that, counting day trips and such, but the bottom line is that it’s a very doable distance in 10 days! The service is excellent and the seating is outdoors overlooking the square. Tulum Travel Guide - Budget and Tulum Travel FAQ. This hotel is simple, clean and comfortable with a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. On day 6, it’s time to head to the most up-and-coming destination on this 10 day Yucatan itinerary, a place we’ve heard described as “what Tulum was 30 years ago”: Bacalar. Make sure to buy a return bus ticket from Coba back to Tulum, as there are not many buses that go to and from these places. Hotel Tuparenda — We loved this boutique hotel in Bacalar–so much, in fact, that when we doubled back to Bacalar on our Mexico road trip, we returned for a second stay here! Voir plus d'idées sur le thème mexique, mexique voyage, mexique yucatan. From there, you will take a ride on a horse-drawn rail cart to a series of three amazing and off the beaten path cenotes. In my opinion you do need to be a bit more careful than in Asia (ie: don’t walk home drunk late at night alone) but for the most part I had amazing experiences with kind locals going out of their way to help me. Upon arriving in the village of Coba, walk from the bus stop along the lagoon to your right for a few minutes until you reach the entrance to the ruins. So far, we’ve ridden camels in Morocco, gone scuba diving in Mozambique, climbed a volcano in Guatemala, fallen in love with everything in Italy, traveled overland from Mexico to Panama, and so much more. If you did want to do it, you’d probably have to either hire a car or pay for a private taxi (just off the top of my head I think they were around $100/$200 ish but don’t quote me.) vary by location so it's important that you call the location and make arrangements for pick-up at least 24 hours before your desired rental time. They also have nightly classes, lessons and activities to participate in like salsa dancing lessons, morning yoga classes and Mexican cooking lessons. While the beaches in Playa del Carmen proper are not among the best on the Riviera Maya, Xpu-Ha, which is located just a short drive outside of town, is absolutely amazing and a fantastic place to kick back and relax. Take a taxi back to Oxkutzcab and then another second class bus back to Merida or drive your rental car back to Merida. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it did mean I hung out with guys a lot more and also spent more time alone. Spend the evening at Merida’s Plaza Grande. The main reason that Valladolid is a favorite for people exploring the Yucatan, though, is not for the charming city that is itself one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns), but for what lies outside of it. Tulum is about an hour and a half away from Valladolid, giving you plenty of time to make your way back to the coast and then visit the famous Tulum ruins and beach. We’ve included some of Mexico’s biggest tourist highlights here, including Chichen Itza, while also throwing in up-and-coming spots like Bacalar, and organized them in a loop beginning and ending in Cancun (aka, the biggest airport hub in the region by far). El Camello Jr. – Located at the corner of Avenida Tulum (main avenue) and Calle Luna Sur. The price of accommodation in the Yucatán Peninsula is quite affordable compared to other beachside destinations like Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. If you’d like to save a little cash, consider staying outside of Tulum instead–there are plenty of options, from luxury accommodation to hostels to boutique hotels, a 20-30 minute drive down the road–one of the major benefits of being on a Yucatan road trip rather than a traditional itinerary is that you can take advantage of flexibility like that! La Chaya Maya serves authentic Yucatecan cuisine at reasonable prices. La Chaya Maya – Located at the corner of Calle 62 and Calle 51 OR Calle 55 between Calles 60 and 62. Check rates & book your stay at Blue Hotel! Hi Helen! Look out over the beauty of the Bacalar Lagoon, and you may just be convinced that you’ve been transported to the Maldives or to an obscure Pacific atoll. The hotel has a central courtyard with a lovely swimming pool, and the lobby and corridors are decorated with beautiful paintings. There is no air conditioning but there are lots of fans to keep things cool. If you don’t see someone servicing the pumps, though, you can also pump your own gas in some places, so keep an eye on what others are doing! Spend the afternoon exploring this lovely town and then take a bus back to Merida. I specifically didn’t include popular Isla Mujeres or Isla Holbox in this Yucatan travel blog post, as they’re decidedly not road trip destinations, but we adore them both and they’re definitely worth considering adding to your itinerary for the Yucatan as well! The best company to rent a car for your road trip in Mexico from will likely vary dramatically depending on exactly when you’re traveling. Merida Hotel Deals: Find great deals from hundreds of websites, and book the right hotel using Tripadvisor's 119,972 reviews of Merida hotels. It is a well-known restaurant in Valladolid that was featured in the New York Times. Apoala Mexican Cuisine – Located at Calle 60 and Calle 55. El Rincon Chiapaneco – Located on Calle Jupiter Sur, just south of the main avenue (across from the ADO bus terminal). There are gorgeous mansions and beach-side all-inclusive resorts, as well as some small hidden Mayan ruins located in the jungle along the side of the street. Be aware, there is a strong current in the water which makes it difficult to actually get anywhere when you’re swimming. If you can find another random couple to join you, your taxi driver will leave right away (they will wait until they have a full car of passengers before departing, so you may have to wait up to 15 minutes before leaving for the ruins). Que ceux qui ont déjà été à New York me fasse part de leurs expériences, j'attends vos conseils! Uxmal is an impressive set of ruins, and is a large site with many fascinating structures. The MX peso side starts at 10 pesos and goes up to 10,000. But nervous of travelling solo. You can choose to sit inside the restaurant or outside surrounded by a lush garden behind the restaurant. This is a super comprehensive 10 day Yucatán Mexico itinerary with details of transport, budget accommodation and cheap eating tips! One of the amazing people I’ve met is Brittany, a travel blogger at www.brittanymthiessen.com. El Camello is a simple restaurant that doesn’t look like anything special when you are walking towards it, but they are well-known for their delicious selection of seafood among other traditional Mexican eats. It is the capital city of the state of Yucatan and is also the largest city on the Peninsula. Birding the Yucatan Peninsula is very straight forward. We truly love this part of the world so much, I just want to shout from the rooftops about it. There are also quieter areas where you can relax. For smaller day trips like visiting Ek Balam and the cenotes around Valladolid, though, you’d need to either negotiate a taxi (not terribly difficult, but a hassle, especially if you’re not comfortable negotiating in Spanish), jump in a collectivo, or book a tour. Valladolid has a fantastic selection of places to stay, ranging from budget hostels to beautiful boutique hotels. When it comes time to find somewhere to stay for the night, you absolutely can stay in Tulum itself, but be prepared for some serious sticker shock: Tulum is not only expensive as compared to other cities in Mexico, it’s just expensive, period. Hi Corey, that sounds like an amazing trip! Our current favorite archaeological site in Mexico–uncrowded, inexpensive, incredibly well-preserved, and a true hidden gem on the Yucatan peninsula–is located only an hour and a half north of Bacalar, making it easy to add on to your Mexico road trip! ), 11 Reasons to Visit & Exciting Things to Do in Chiapas, Mexico, How To Visit the Pink Lakes of Las Coloradas, Mexico (2020), How to Visit Becan, A Delightfully Offbeat Mayan City, 8 Majestic Waterfalls in Mexico (That You Should Definitely Visit! Check rates & book your stay at Hostel Candelaria! Take some time to swim in this gorgeous underground sinkhole and jump into the water using the rope swing! After the initial few hours of getting used to driving in Mexico, we found our road trip to be extremely relaxing. The Yak is a popular and well-known hostel in town with a social and party atmosphere, which makes it a great place to meet new people. Book at, Hotel Colonial La Aurora – Located on Calle 42 between Calles 35 and 37. Additional Car Insurance — Whether you purchase a policy with World Nomads that covers car rental (only some of theirs do, so double-check! We have spent months in Mexico, spread across many different states, and have always felt supremely safe–just as safe as we feel in an average town in the USA. Do you think its possible to take a day trip from Valladolid to Chiquila for the ferry to Holbox? In the evening, head to the central square to experience the vibrancy and local activity. Along the way, consider stopping off at Akumal to cross a major highlight off your Yucatan bucket list: swimming with sea turtles. Sometimes one company has an excellent base price, but terrible rental requirements. Hotel Dolores Alba is located inside a beautiful colonial mansion in Merida’s historical district. The restaurant is situated on a pleasant square where there is dancing and music on Thursday nights. 20 Dec 2020 - Find & Book the top-rated and best-reviewed tours in Yucatan Peninsula for 2020. Spend the remainder of your day or evening exploring and wandering the side streets in Playa del Carmen. You will see a dirt path. Experience this history firsthand with a full-day tour from Cancun or the Riviera Maya. I recommend spending time relaxing and people-watching at the central square; checking out the Cathedral de San Gervasio located on the south side of the square; strolling down the historic street known as Calzada de los Frailes, which is a well-maintained narrow cobblestone street lined with colourful colonial buildings; wandering through the abandoned hallways of the Ex-Convent de San Bernardino, which is located at the end of Calzada de los Frailes; and walking to Cenote Zaci, which is situated in the middle of the city. Thanks! In other words, while these places are a bit off the beaten path for an average US citizen taking a week off of work to head down to Mexico, they’re not remotely intimidating places to travel once you get the hang of the route, and they feel very safe. On day 5 of your Mexico road trip, it’s time to say goodbye to Valladolid and head for the beach! The hostel features a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool with hammocks situated overtop of the water, free wireless internet, and free breakfast. Yucatan. Izamal is a quiet town and the colonial buildings near the central plaza are all painted a bright yellow colour. Featuring brilliantly beautiful water, a slightly wild feel, and a waterfall, Cenote X’canche is one of those places where it is easy to understand why the Mayan religion purports that cenotes are the entrances to the underworld. We would be happy to stay here again! We’re stuck up here in Ohio at the moment and would love to be on the beach in Mexico instead. I drove to Cancun/Playa from Tulsa,OK a few years ago and I’m actually looking to go back this summer for long term. What do you think of this itinerary? Hostel Nomadas – Located at the corner of Calle 62 and Calle 51. Flor de Michoacan serves a variety of unique and tasty ice cream flavours as well as fresh-fruit and cream-based Mexican popsicles (known as “paletas”). This hotel is simple, clean and comfortable with a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Yerba Buena is a charming and unique restaurant with cute and colourful decor. All rooms have a private bathroom. Budget : Road trip dans le Yucatan au Mexique de 10 jours à 1000 euros par personne Le coup de la vie au Mexique est ridicule comparé à celui de France ou de l’Amérique du Nord. El Meson del Marques is a more upscale restaurant that features a beautiful courtyard with a peaceful and relaxing setting and Mexican decor. Barrio Latino features a lush treed garden and courtyard where complimentary breakfast is served daily. 28 oct. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "yucatan" de josee joanisse sur Pinterest. Take a stroll around the Plaza Grande (central plaza) and admire the stunning cathedral overlooking everything, visit the Government Palace on the square for great views from the second floor, the Museo Casa Montejo, go shopping for local handicrafts and try some fresh produce at the Mercado Municipal, and go for a walk down Paseo de Montejo which is a well-maintained street lined with gorgeous old mansions. I’m feeling incredibly excited and inspired about travelling in Mexico now and I have no doubt this itinerary will inspire you as well. You can flag down a bus along the highway on the way back to Merida. Keep walking to the end and turn left. We’ll definitely make sure to see that cenote at Ek Balam, wow. Board the bus and make your way to Playa del Carmen. You may discover that you are the only ones there. I’ll be honest: I intentionally scheduled Chichen Itza as the first … They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She has put together an AMAZING 10-day itinerary for me and I will be testing it out later on my trip (stay tuned!) This post has really helped narrow it down . The hotel features wireless internet, an outdoor terrace and free breakfast. It is family-run and small. In the morning, take a taxi or rent a bicycle to Cenotes Xkeken and Samula, located 7 km from Valladolid. 26 févr. “ The Flamingo Mall is right across the street which are mostly souvenir venders and at this mall you can bargain with the venders and get decent prices.. Buried deep in the jungle in the state of Campeche, Calakmul is one of the most difficult Mayan ruins to get to, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. I want nervous going through Asia on my own as a woman – but have gotten a little freaked out about Central America. Take your time touring around the ruins, and make sure to climb the main pyramid to admire the stunning views from the top! Bacalar, both the town and the lagoon it is named after, is a sleepy, beautiful place where it’s easy to kick back, relax, and enjoy some truly unique nature. Book at. Taberna de los Frailes is located beside the Ex-Convent de San Bernardino and is a great place to eat for a nice dinner. Luckily, this Yucatan road trip itinerary should make it fairly easy to drive during the day only–most days include only a couple hours of driving. Most frequently, when you pull up to the gas pump in Mexico, someone will pump your gas for you as well as clean your windshield. Good pool. You’ll almost certainly have a hard time comprehending that the brilliant blue you see doesn’t come from a sea or ocean of any kind, but from a freshwater lagoon. Join us here to see what we’ve been up to lately--or to start planning your own adventures! Wake up bright and early and head to the Tulum Ruins (you can get there via taxi or colectivo van from the main avenue in the town of Tulum. You will most likely be one of the few touring the ruins site and you will be thankful that you were able to beat the midday crowds and heat! If you click through a link on Lone Star Travel Guide, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For several years, Mexico has consistently ranked among our favorite countries in the world to explore–and after our most recent return visit to take a Yucatan road trip, we are more confident than ever that it will never be unseated. sticker shock: Tulum is not only expensive as compared to other cities in Mexico, it’s just expensive, period. After a few minutes of browsing her blog, it’s clear this girl is in love with Mexico (can you blame her?). It features a tropical garden and common terrace and has colourful decor infused with a Mexican flavour. There is so much I want to do and see! A mere 10 days in the Yucatan could never hope to cover all the incredible peninsula has to offer–if you have a longer Yucatan itinerary to work with, here are a few other places to consider adding onto your Yucatan road trip! While the hotel is located a bit further from the center of town than most, in Bacalar, that’s not a problem when you’re on a Yucatan road trip–you’ll probably drive to most attractions anyway. We've got 9 tours going to Yucatan, starting from just 4 days in length, and the longest tour is 9 days. You can choose to stay in a mixed dorm or a private room. It includes a combination of adventure, history, nature, culture, and relaxation. Safety is a very complicated subject, of course (I discussed a bit more about safety in Mexico here), but generally speaking, yes. Book at. The hostel features a lush garden with hammocks, lots of communal areas, rooftop terrace, bike rentals, free breakfast, free internet, a movie lounge and lots of helpful travel information for the nearby local attractions. El Rincon Chiapaneco serves cheap and tasty authentic Mexican food. Blue Hotel — With comfortable rooms, affordable prices, and excellent service, Blue Hotel is a fantastic choice for travelers visiting Bacalar on a budget. Here are some of the best, including the hotel we adored on our most recent visit! Playa del Carmen is known for its nightlife and bars, its beaches and its shopping. Suivez le guide! One of the great things about having a blog is connecting with amazing people from all over the world … and picking their brains for new ideas! Explore the side streets away from Fifth Avenue and find somewhere to buy a fresh fruit smoothie or juice. At many of the small local eateries, $10(USD) per person is a fairly good estimate for a meal; eating at an upscale restaurant can run as high as $50(USD) per person. I went to Holbox from Cancun and I think it took about 3 hours on the bus and it’s a similar distance. After you are finished touring the ruins, take some time to eat at one of the authentic small eateries serving traditional Yucatecan cuisine, located in the parking lot of the ruins or by walking back along the lagoon into the village of Coba. I am travelling to Merida for 10 days in November. Visit Ek Balam and Cenote X’canche. Be sure to check out the Convent of San Antonio of Padua, the beautiful (yellow) architecture downtown, and the markets while there. Je vous présente le trajet que j’ai fait, ce que j’y ai vu et mes conseils si vous souhaitez vous aussi faire ce voyage de rêve. The location is excellent (a short walk from La Playita), rooms comfortable, and service wonderful. Leave nothing visible. ), as well as Mexican tourists exploring their own country and a fair number of long term travelers/people backpacking the Yucatan. Casa Aluxes is located in Valladolid, Yucatán, 250 meters from the cathedral. I travelled solo in Central America and it was a really positive experience! You can also rent bicycles and follow the paved bike path along the highway to the ruins) when they open at 8 AM. Mexico’s ADO bus network is impressive, incredibly comfortable (some of the most comfortable buses we’ve ridden on anywhere, quite frankly), and can easily get you around the peninsula, including all the way down to Bacalar. The colectivo will drop you off along the highway at the junction of a long gravel road. The setting is lovely and the seating is situated in a lush garden outside on the restaurant grounds. Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees. I use them on all boats and the occasional bus, and if things get really bad, take some Non-Drowsy Dramamine as well. Our suggestion is to head to Playa del Carmen (we loved our time at. Let me know in the comments! Be sure to bring your swimsuit along: your ticket to visit the Tulum ruins also includes access to the beach, and you’ll definitely want to spend a few hours there! Thank you! Guest post by Brittany from www.brittanymthiessen.com. The Yucatan Peninsula offers visitors a treasure trove of history, from the pre-Columbian archeological sites of the Maya civilization, to 16th century towns settled by the Spanish. Free parking. Topes (in English, speed bumps) are the major way that speed limits are enforced in the Yucatan peninsula, especially in towns and other population centers. I completely understand feeling overwhelmed… There is so much information out there! A guide is required to tour the caves and there are set times for tours from 9 AM to 4 PM daily. This itinerary showcases some of the best cities, towns and attractions that the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has to offer! This city is a fantastic place to learn about and immerse yourself in the local culture and history. Book at, Hotel Dolores Alba Merida – Located on Calle 63 #464 between Calles 52 and 54. This is my absolute favourite cenote in the Yucatan! Pick-up service policies (hours of availability, allowable pick-up distance, etc.) Purell Hand Sanitizer — We carry this everywhere, and never been sorry to have it floating around in our day bag. You can choose to stay in a mixed dorm with 6 or 8 beds and they also offer private rooms with bathroom en-suite. No-Name Taqueria – Calle 4 and Avenida 15. Book at. The staff are also friendly and helpful. This small hotel is charming and has a laid-back atmosphere with unique and colourful decor. You are able to climb and touch all of the structures. Try to arrive there around 8 AM, when the ruins open. Too bad you missed Puerto Morelos. From there, you can take a taxi to the Grutas de Loltun.The Loltun Caves are one of the largest dry-cave systems on the Yucatan Peninsula. Let’s see how I go in Central America. Set in Valladolid, Hotel Casa Rosario has a terrace. This place serves the cheapest tacos in Playa del Carmen at 7 pesos per taco. Wake up early and purchase a first or second class bus ticket to Valladolid. While you definitely don’t need to know how to speak Spanish well for this Yucatan itinerary, we recommend learning at least some basic phrases before you go. Purchase a bus ticket from the ADO terminal on Fifth Avenue or take a local colectivo shuttle van from Calle 2 between Avenidas 15 and 20 to the town of Tulum, located about one hour south of Playa del Carmen. I recommend the huevos rancheros, panuchos and tacos and the watermelon flavoured agua fresco! White sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, deep jungle wilderness, excellent cheap food, and fabulous scuba diving make it a great vacation destination. Walk some more down this scenic road of vacation homes and the ocean on one side and you will see the cenote on your left side. The peninsula is known as one of the safest regions for tourists in all of Mexico (and for the record, we have always felt incredibly safe not only there but everywhere we’ve been in Mexico), the driving is very lowkey, and the sights, from the ruins of Mayan cities to beaches to colorful towns to the peninsula’s world-famous cenotes, are sublime. Comfortable Day Bag — We currently use Pacsafe’s sleek anti-theft backpack and love it, but if you don’t want to shell out the cash for this trip, that’s totally understandable. You will find a multitude of shops and restaurants along the busy Fifth Avenue, which is completely closed to traffic and runs parallel to the white-sand beach. The rooms all face towards the courtyard, they are spacious and comfortable and feature a hammock to relax in right outside your door. #3 Best Value of 5,023 places to stay in Yucatan Peninsula. I’m glad this itinerary helped you . After you are finished visiting the ruins, make your way back to the entrance of the ruins. Whether you book a day trip from Playa del Carmen or hop one of the many ferries over to Cozumel yourself, you’ll be able to find excellent snorkeling opportunities. ). Taberna de los Frailes – Located at the corner of Calle 49 and Calle 41A. It will make your life much simpler if there’s parking onsite at each place you stay in Mexico, and hotels with parking are very easy to find–we’d consider it a road trip mistake to accidentally show up somewhere without parking! Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has something for everyone. If so, check yourself in for relaxation and pampering at the popular and well-reviewed Maya Bacalar Boutique Hotel for a taste of luxury… at far more affordable prices than a similar accommodation would go for in Tulum or Playa del Carmen. Hostel Candelaria — Featuring a perfect location in the center of Valladolid, colorful decor, hundreds of near-perfect reviews and plenty of dorm and private room lodging options, Hostel Candelaria is a go-to choice for budget travelers to Valladolid. The Yak – Located on Calle 10 Norte Bis between Avenidas 10 and 15. They are actually private reservoirs belonging to a salt company, not natural lakes at all, but they are incredibly interesting to look at. Maya Walk or take a taxi to your accommodation. Truly, we found driving in the Yucatan to be far, far easier than driving in most places we’ve been in Europe. safe not only there but everywhere we’ve been in Mexico), the driving is very lowkey, and the sights, from the ruins of Mayan cities to beaches to colorful towns to the peninsula’s world-famous cenotes, are sublime. Hotel website. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3bd9765899f5d96ad4e99be30773819" );document.getElementById("f222265a2a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks, Mark! Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is one of those just-right destinations that is easy enough to travel in that newer travelers will feel comfortable exploring, and fascinating enough that veteran travelers will never be bored.

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